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Residential Junk Car Removal

Cash for Junk Cars!

Do you have an abandoned or damaged junk car in Cedar Rapids IA or surrounding Linn County that you want to get rid of?

CC Recycling will buy old junk cars and tow them away for free anywhere within the Cedar Rapids/Marion area. Areas outside of Cedar Rapids/Marion, there is a slight surcharge to cover the cost of towing. Call 319-365-4248 for the cost of towing, unless you can drop the vehicle off at our Cedar Rapids salvage yard just north of State Hwy 30 and east of I-380. (See our Junk Car Removal Service Area)

We are a fully insured member of the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

How it works

  • Junk Car Removal Service - Call us at (319) 365-4248 from anywhere in Linn County IA, tell us the year, make, and model of your vehicle, along with where it is located, and CC Recycling we will give you a quick quote on the cost to pick it up.
  • Junk Car Drop Off Service - Drive or tow your vehicle to our salvage yard on Cedar Rapids' south side and we'll weigh it on our fast and convenient truck scale, and will pay you cash for the weight of your vehicle (i.e., per ton).

    Please note that your vehicle title and current ID are required before you can get paid for junking a vehicle. If someone else is dropping off the vehicle for you, make sure that the person listed on the title or junk certificate has signed off as the seller and we'll send you with a check in the owner's name.

Vehicle Donations

Do you have any idea how much money gets lost to administrative fees and other "overhead" when you donate your car directly to a charity?! Sell your car for cash and give it directly to your favorite charity as a tax deduction. That way you give more and have more to write off!

Vehicles purchased must have a clean title, free of any liens or loans.

Check your VIN at the free Iowa lien search or click here for more information from the state of Iowa on Vehicle Disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Junk Car Program

I have a vehicle I want to get rid of, what do I need to do?

First, if you would like to know how much we are currently offering for vehicles, simply call us and we can give you an estimate. 

Second, just bring the vehicle in with your title and current photo ID and we will have you in and out in a few minutes with cash or check in hand (Please stop into the office with the title before you drive on the scale). It's that easy!

My vehicle doesn't run, can you come get it?

Definitely!  In most circumstances we can get your vehicle the same business day or next!

How much do you charge to pick up my vehicle?

If the vehicle is in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area we tow for FREE! If the vehicle is outside this area, just give us a call to check pricing.

I can't find my title. I was told you don't need it if it's 12 years or older, is that correct?

No, here at CC Recycling we do require the current title or junk certificate for every vehicle we take in. We have decided to do this for not only our protection, but for our customer's as well.

Can I bring in a vehicle if it's not in my name?

We definitely understand that not everyone has the time or ability to bring in their own vehicle; if you are bringing in a vehicle for someone, and the owner has signed off on the back of the title we are able to give you a check in the owner's name.

However, if the vehicle was sold to you but you haven't put the vehicle into your name yet, we will not accept the vehicle. You must first stop by your local County Treasurer's Office to get a title or junking certificate in your name before we will accept the vehicle.

Do you take into consideration new parts and/or tires that were just replaced?

No, unfortunately we just take vehicles in for scrap (based off of the weight).

How much will I get for my vehicle?

Since we take in vehicles based on their weight, you can either check on you title for the weight of the vehicle or give us a call and we can give you an estimate. However, please be aware that the weight listed on the title may not be exact.
Pricing frequently fluctuates, so please verify the current amount on the day you plan to have your vehicle brought in or picked up.

Don’t let your old vehicle(s) become a huge expense, safety concern, eye soar or environmental hazard!

Metal prices may fluctuate, so call 319-365-4248 today for up to date pricing or to arrange for us to pick up your old or junk vehicle. (See our FAQ page for more information.)



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