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Commercial & Industrial Recycling

Since opening our doors in 2012, CC Recycling has created many commercial and industrial working relationships with area businesses, contractors and manufacturers throughout the Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding Linn County areas.

  1. Industrial & Manufacturing
  2. Seamless Siding Contractors
  3. Electrical Contractors
  4. Auto Repair and Collision Shops
  5. Agricultural
  6. HVAC Contractors

Creating these business relationships has afforded us the ability to maximize both their recycling efficiency and revenue their scrap metal can generate. When choosing us we discuss custom variations of the following recycling services:

  • Cash for Scrap Metal - CC Recycling accepts and pays top dollar for your scrap metal prices! Our visual scrap software automates the buying of your scrap metal items and provides historical reporting by commodity and date received.  We can then provide monthly or yearly reports of your recycling activity and payments.
  • Dumpster Rental - We offer four different sizes of dumpsters (12 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard & 40 yard), as well as semi-trailers, that can be dropped off and picked up as needed, or on a specific schedule, whether to your place of business or a work site within Linn County. We’re even happy to deliver and pickup dumpsters outside of Linn County, but need to negotiate fee’s in accordance with volume and delivery distance.
  • Auto Salvage & Recycling - If you’re a Collision Shop or Auto Repair garage with regular salvage and metal recycling opportunities, or even if you have one or more vehicles to be junked for their salvage value, CC Recycling can pick up and remove junk cars or crush and bale them onsite. FREE TOWING is offered in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area!

Following are descriptions of the specific non-ferrous and ferrous metals we can accept in exchange for cash.


(See images of Non-Ferous Metals)

  • Copper Pipe
    • Uncoated, bare, unalloyed copper pipe/bus bar without any attachments. The pipe must be free of paint, solder, corrosion, or brass fittings attached to the pipe to be considered #1 copper.
    • To be accepted as #2 copper, we accept burnt copper, copper with light tin coating, solder, or brass fittings still attached.
  • Copper Wire
    • Insulated copper wire must be 14 gauge and heavier copper wire with insulation (coating). Typically 65% and greater recovery.
    • To be accepted as #2 Copper Wire, the unalloyed copper wire must be bare and uncoated, with all insulation COMPLETELY removed from the wire. Some solder and paint is acceptable.
    • To be accepted as Bare Bright copper wire, the wire must be bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire free of attachments. All the insulation must be removed from the wire and it is free of all paint and solder. Bare bright wire should not have any plastic on it and should never be burned.
  • Communication Wire includes CAT 5/6, Data wire, insulated copper with plastic.
  • Sheet Copper is used for roofing/gutter/flashing, with little tar or attachments like nails or wood.
  • Brass
    • Red Brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and other machinery parts, including miscellaneous castings made using zinc, tin, copper and/or lead.
    • Yellow Brass would include valves, castings, taps, mixed brass, chrome plated brass and brass rods.
    • We also accept Brass Breakage, i.e. brass contaminated with heavy iron, plastic or castings. 
  • Aluminum
    • Extruded aluminum must not contain other aluminum alloys and be free of zinc corners, iron attachments, felt, plastic, paper, cardboard, and thermo break.
    • Aluminum Siding including window frames and aluminum siding that has been painted, but must be free of plastic coating, iron, dirt, corrosion, fiber, foam, or fiberglass backing or other non-metallic items.
    • Sheet Aluminum with no steel/plastic/dirt/glass on the material.
    • Aluminum Turnings
      The excess from machine cut aluminum free of oil & steel.
    • Aluminum Breakage
      Aluminum recyclables with greater than 8% of foreign attachments but less than 40% - consists of aluminum with miscellaneous contaminants like iron, dirt, plastic and other types of contaminants.
    • Aluminum Cans
      Free of foil/tin/plastic/liquid/ garbage/etc. Can be crushed or whole.
  • Clean Stainless Steel, must not stick to a magnet, nor have have steel or any other items attached in any way.
    Dirty Stainless Steel, must be at least 50% stainless steel but allows for small percentages of plastic and contaminants. Must be analyzed and have no attachments.
  • Car and truck parts accepted for recycling include:
    • Truck & Car Batteries
    • Radiators (Auto, Aluminum/Copper, & Alum)
    • Aluminum Sheet / Rims / Extrusion
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Batteries that are intact without any holes. Labeled "PB" on fine print. The most common place you can find a lead battery is in a car.
    • Wheel Weights
  • Soft Lead
  • Electric Motors
  • Ballasts are made with copper inside of them, and are found in lighting fixtures. No PBCs.


(See images of Ferrous Metals)

  • Tin
    • Unprepared (Heavy grade- 1/4" or thicker)
    • 3ft (Heavy grade, 3' x 18" or smaller pieces)
  • Iron
    • #1 Cast Iron (automotive cast) includes whole or particle cast iron auto or truck engines. Transmissions may not be attached. Can also be called auto rotors and drums with plastic bare engine blocks.
    • #2 Cast Iron (household cast) includes coil or old water piping, castings or plates from machinery. This also includes items like old fireplace grates, sinks and cast iron bathtubs.
  • Household Appliances
    Includes “White” goods made of tin or steel, such as hot water heaters and misc. sheet steel. ($10 fee or $20 fee with freon)
  • Plate & Structural (P&S) Steel
     I-Beams, channels, angles and/or plates, steel garters, and structural steel from demolition scrap. Clean/dry plate- not to be over 24” wide and 36-60” in length depending on a “3 foot” or “5 foot” specification.
  • Busheling
    Unpainted, new production scrap smaller than 12” and nothing coated on, no rust or paint.
  • Unprepared Metals
    Black pipe, longer unprepared pieces of HMS. Greater than 3’ in length.
  • Car Bodies
    Include a vehicle that has the radiator, battery, catalytic converter, motor, transmission, wheels and tires. A title or BOS for the vehicle is required.

If you have questions about our scrap metal prices or metals you’d like to recycle that are NOT on this list, See our FAQ page, contact us or call CC Recycling at 319-365-4248.


Service Area: Cedar Rapids, Williamsburg, Waterloo, Delaware, Independence, Anamosa, Vinton, Monticello, Solon, Delhi, Kalona and surrounding communities.

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